Okay, it’s time to get serious about #money and #budgets. There are some things I’d like to do, but I need to control what I’m doing with my cash! 

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@xinehealey stole my #book, so I’ll start on this one instead!

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Look who I found! The #sickness has lifted - time to go back to the #beach and #reading! I’ve missed this lovely woman, waking up on my own is sad 😞 Screw #chores! Screw #responsibility! Carpe Diem! 

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"Hi, my name is Felix and I’m your typical #cat - when you call my name or trying and hold me, I’m not interested. But when you’re #busy doing something, I want you to LOOOVE me!!"

Very interesting indeed; if you #compare yourself to a person or your life to the life they are projecting, it’s a quick way to make yourself miserable. 

Another option is to determine what your values are and how closely your life now is aligning with those values. 

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Currently hooked on ‘True or False’ - an almost perfect round! Great way to strengthen my general #knowledge! Does anyone else play?
This is what it all boils down to:

"Everything that we do is conditioned by selfish motives - what’s in it for me. More so in an overwhelmingly materialistic society that thrives on rugged individualism. None of these negative concepts are conductive to building a homogeneous family, community, society or nation."

 Thinking about how your actions inpact others is a good way to make a change for the better. Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes before judging them make may you feel differently about the situation and in turn, create a more #positive result.

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2nd #ride of the season and I have not had any tingling, muscle soreness or cramping in my hands or fingers after grabbing these gloves. Great padding, lightweight but durable, a snug fit but breathable so your hands don’t sweat. Perfect! Grab some from @bikesociety

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Started out as just a bulb
Planted in the luscious valley
Began to grow, branches evolve
Growing in every direction - begin the tally.

Spawning quickly, the trunk grew strong
Climbing upward; leaves now blanket the sky.
As time moved on, it was clear something was wrong.
Examined the leaves and asked why.

Stepped back and examined the shape
It was lopsided and unkempt - something was out of place.
Grab the shears and give the shrub a scrape
Remove some dead wood, create free space.

Was quite heavy handed, cut back complete branches
While nuturing other piles of leaves.
The tree grows strong as time advances
Shaping it into the tree I want it to be.

Water, care, nutrition and time - the tree burst forth
Covered in luscious, succulent fruit
Showcasing its real talent; its true worth
The woman in its shade capturing all the loot.

I had my 10 year #reunion last night and this is the piece that formulated from that. Some situations and people stay, whilst others need to be pared.

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It may only be six degrees, but it’s time to #ride! 

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